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             RUDDY GROUND DOVE


    SCIENTIFIC NAME:    Columba Talpacoti                        

  ENGLISH COMMON NAME:    Ruddy Ground-Dove

  SPANISH NAME:    Abuelita or Tortola comun

  FAMILY:    Columbiadae  



        This bird is about 16.5 cm, it is black with a little bit of gray in the crown, it has black in the feathers of the tail and black spots in the wings.

        Its voice is a KA - HOO KA - HOO or a HOO-WHOOP from 3 to 10 times.

      It is sociable, it feeds in the ground alone, with a pair, or in a group. It walks with short and quick steps.

      It is abundant in cities, gardens, fields and farms. It is seamed below 1,600m to 2,400.